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'Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.'  Havez

I loved working with Gail as a coach. She inspired me to drop into my talents and have faith that who I am is enough at work and to follow my passion and joy and trust in that rather than try to change myself to be what I thought was a more professional me, which was both nurturing and transformative. Beyond our coaching sessions Gail’s faith in following the joy in all of life continues to give me faith and excitement in the possibilities on offer in my life.
— Sara Murray TV Executive Producer


I'm a coveted mind body healer, mentor and speaker. I go deeper than on demand spirituality and have spent the last 15 years developing bespoke systems for mind - body medicine.  My mentorships, guided quantum meditation, salon's, retreats and 121's encourage radical contact with life. I will bin your BS and give the old stories their notice. Time to go. I want you to remember how to follow your inner joy, lean into self-love and reprogramme self concepts, living from a new perspective.


My work with freeing the voice has enabled countless individuals and organisations to speak and completely transform.  I'll hold Sacred Space for immersive transformation and change.


 Deemed a Lioness of Leadership for the Now Age; a contemporary transformative performer and a Goddess who draws her power from her Divine Feminine, she has walked through fire to become the teacher she is today. 



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