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Gail will teach you the tools to undergo an emotional striptease and get into the dirty bliss of being the real you. She’ll share her experience of recovering from various freak accidents and dodgy love affairs to her very own Devil Wears Prada moment which ended with her in an ambulance turning blue due too stress.

Nestled into your Saturday afternoon, Gail Love Schock will lead you in one of her signature Quantum Meditations, she’ll guide you through the procedures and medicine she uses and lives by. This experience will begin to reduce limits, reframe blocks, release stored unsaid words and old nonsense. When you leave you’ll take this toolkit and more with you.

*Please note you must already have a valid festival ticket before purchasing a workshop ticket.

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Uncover Your Voice Magic

Join Gail Love Schock, Energy Magician, Healer and Teacher. She'll help you reclaim the sound of you as she shares her voice secrets and what the power of your soul tones can lead to. Learn how to reclaim your power through breathe and how to shift your voice. When we know how to use our sounds we can speak with truth and integrity, even if the truth isn't easy to say. You'll also learn how to land that pitch, calm the kids, or speak up for something you believe it.

Gail will share the rhythms to call in what you need in your life, teaching you the tones of sensuality which will allow you to speak first and foremost to yourself more lovingly along with those you care for. This is voice magic and freedom at it's most beautiful.

You'll further savour Gail's signature Quantum Wave meditation, dissolving lingering resistance to vocal flexibility.

Gail created the Voice Thief to Voice Freedom system after leaving an abusive relationship, one too many bullying bosses and her own Devil Wears Prada experience where she ended up in an ambulance whilst producing London Fashion Week. Now she speaks for those who cannot and helps you to reclaim the sound of you. Join her for an evening of deep diving into the music you lay with your words.



Gail Love Schock is bringing her unique flavour of down to earth spirituality and magic. She’ll be teaching Quantum Wave Meditation, Kundalini and how to live Radical Contact with Life.

Everyday at Exhale, you can dive deep into yoga, meditation, calisthenics, functional movement, intelligent fitness and wild running. There will be plenty of time to take in some of the various talks or workshops with our seasoned coaches, or treat yourself to a luxurious massage, healing or gong bath.

This year you can expect even more - Tasty and diverse food offerings, more activities for kids and families, more talks, more music and some surprise special guests!  

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Blush Love Awakens is a one day love affair through meditation, Qoya, Kundalini yoga, ceremony and ritual. We will indulge all the senses in a feast of pure Blush Love. We welcome you to this very special Blush Love day retreat in the heart of London. For one day in time, we will be wrapping you in divine essence, and inviting you to love yourself awake.

What does it mean to love yourself awake? Well, this is all about love activation; meaning both EVOLUTION and REVOLUTION.

To evolve in love is to invite a closer look into the parts of ourselves that we are neglecting. To revolve in love is to become a love activist. From the day we will get you in tune, and ready to take action to take that with you and make fertile the soul in your everyday life.



As featured in Metro, Natural Health and Psychologies Magazine.

Join myself and My beloved work wife Kate Taylor of Up Coaching AS WE create and share worldwide retreats.

We help you awaken the love within.

Blush Love Retreat 7 - 14 October 2017 @ Odemira, Portugal 

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