Lean into Love

My loves

You’re not alone. When you feel the strain of the ego’s song, seek solace in your soul brothers and sisters; seek comfort in love, return to yourself. When the chitty of ‘I can’t do this. I’ve got too much to do. You don’t understand how hard I’m working. I’m exhausted. They are not doing anything. I am doing everything. If I could just get over there, lose this amount of weight, finish this to do list, clear out my email, make room in my home for me. That thing I did in the past is shameful, harmful, makes me feel like an idiot. I’ll never be happy, never find anyone to love me. I’m unloveable…..’ and so it goes on.

When you hear this ask for help and lean into love, ask for help before you pull the duvet to your brilliance over your glow and dull your beauty. Ask for help soon and often, call in your tribe both here on Earth and in the spaces we cannot see. Ask for guidance, to be shown the way in a day or night dream, to be guided by ideas, imaginations gone galactic and ask my loves for support, for signs, for peace. The world is here to support you and the world loves to help, we all do my darlings.

As a messenger of love, I’m here for you. I want you to know I ask for help, I ask for your help now in spreading our love and light, in sharing wisdom with those who need it. There are days I have to remember to expand my heart beyond the limits which at times I wrap around myself, safe in the lie if I don’t shine too brightly everything will be okay. If I tell myself to stay here, don’t do anything, don’t rock the boat, don’t love, fully, gloriously love, I’ll be safer. I’ll wait till tomorrow to live, to feel alive, to care for myself. Start now my loves and your people will start to say ‘Girl, what have you been doing? You look amazing.’ When all you’ve done is love.

Marianne Williamson tells us ‘With thoughts of the past and concerns about the future, we rob ourselves of a full experience of the present.’

Live now, right now and be in your heart. Let this voice speak for this is your truth, your light and your consistent co-pilot in your life. Learn to accept only now exists and in some way everything is already taken care of, everything is already healed, everything is miraculous.

You’re not alone my loves please don’t ever feel this way. Remember the ego wants you to separate, to be weighed down by ego over coats hiding your grace and dignity. Say yes to love and light. Say yes to you. There is enough for all. And so it is my loves.


G Love