The Cool side of the pillow

My loves

When you need to gather your strength, to recover, reclaim and re connect with your wisdom, your voice, your soul, I encourage you to do this darling ones. You don’t need to pretend everything is okay for my sake, you can weep your unwell tears, lay your face upon the cooling other side of the pillow and slumber. There is no shame in rest, in recovery, in taking time for the self. To know this is a gift and permission although not needed, is here in this love letter to you.

For too long we disconnect, separate and rip ourselves open in the hope of discovering more and more and more of the deities and ourselves. We want to give all we can, prove all we have, when in truth we have nothing to prove. If we are tapped in, in conversation with ourselves we simply connect with what already is. In fact we are the deity and she is within us, everything is within us and it is inside here we must return to. We draw strength from inside our caverns of self-love, life love, love for all.

The world feels all of you and wants you to be happy, life loves you as our beloved teacher Dr Robert Holden encourages us to accept, and not just to accept, but to simply understand this is how it is. This is love, love is life and live loves you all darling ones.

My loves do not give of what you have nothing to give of; you cannot give a drink from an empty cup.  You cannot give of you if you too are empty. I want all of our cups to runneth over, to spill with delicious life, to dribble and giggle with joy from all our cells and spirit.

Take you, love you, honour yourselves and do not lean into the nothingness searching for energy already depleted and stagnant. Lean into love, my love for you and know my darlings, I’m here for you, simply think of me and I’m with you. A smile within a smile within a memory of what love has already been and a nudge towards the love will be definitely, infinitely be.


G Love