My Love,

‘I’ll buy you the dawn if you let me love you today…’

Is a line from a track called ‘Let Me Love You,’ isn’t it marvelous? The idea of staying up through the stars, watching the moon hug the sun morning and observing the rainbows of daybreak unpeel themselves like an enormous duvet revealing a new date.

Sometimes I wonder how many ways we can say I love you to those we truly love. I don’t only mean how I hold my beloved in my heart, romantic love, I’m also thinking of families, friends, kin, our tribes, our pets, sometimes even shoes, the energies which surround us making us intrinsically happy. I’m thinking of the I love you where our heart beats a few extra booms, tummies pull in and up, our smile reaches wider and our eyes crinkle noisily as we find stillness in our minds.

Love when it makes you take a huge inhale, lifting your shoulders skywards, your belly outwards and makes whatever you're doing linger, is the fullest of love. I was thinking about love whilst making pastry; the flour is well sieved as my eyes lingered across the green leafy tree tops behind this beloved building I call home. I was lost in love with the world, a rare and beauteous place to pause.

There is a breeze, which whispers in from the garden and lands, all the way through our apartment; the breeze brings life, the scent of surrounding gardens and bird song. Traffic isn’t often heard and occasionally neighboring families’ children will play amongst their gardens green, games and characters echoing around the space, expanding our hearts ready for love. There is nothing quite like the games of childhood, imaginations are encouraged to run free, for us to play as mermaids, dragons, fairies, kings and queens, pirates, villains and magicians to name but a few.

In everything I do I try and move from a place of love, cooking in particular, the gifts from mother nature, the ideas of many before me trickles from my hands, healing the feeling of the food; I use recipe books less and less these days, Paris ideas linger in my finger prints, like recipe prints if you will, ready for taste buds. Cooking from love create's the most wonderful of meals with the simplest of ingredients. A green salad gifted golden with a wonderful dressing, a lentil paired to perfection with beetroot and silken olive oils, delicious. The only tradition I feel committed to in food is to cook from the heart and to make sure everyone is well fed.

All is well in my kitchen and therefore my mind. When any ingredient of life feeds me unsatisfactorily, I wilt, not unlike a flower; if I eat things, which I know are not good for me, everything suffers and so I find it’s best not to eat, or ingest any toxins presented by others. To sit back a little in my chair and smile, saying thank you this was wonderful meal, even if I didn’t touch a bite, is a good thing, because the less than satisfactory food, topic, audience, gave me the greatest ingredient, it gave me the opportunity to decide, to choose if I wanted to take the toxin into my body or not.  I pondered if I was turning into a food snob, perhaps a life snob, then I realized I was living cleaner, feeling leaner and living with more love, if this be snobbish then I wear this name with pride.

Having nourished myself over recent days I’ve spent the time being rather less opinionated than normal, I’m still thoughtful, just not so shouty. There is naturalness to how I’m working, listening and realizing how many opportunities there are in the world in which I can say yes, or at times ‘do you know?…I know just the person to put you in touch with.’ Lovely.

As I reach over the ingredients of my day, working with my wonderful clients, speaking with potential new ones, planning steadily to make more moves in this my kitchen, I realise I’m saying hello to my new dawn, my new loves and all the beautiful gifts within them. There are many ways to say I love you to others, remember to tell yourself these beautiful words as well. You might feel silly at first, but think how sad you will feel if you never tell yourself I love you. If I can, so too can you.