Calling Yourself Home

My Love,

I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me ‘this isn’t me. I don’t know why I’m acting like this. I know this isn’t me, I can’t help myself.’ These words are often accompanied with a sense of loss, anger, hunger and hanger, irritation, lack of belonging, greed and isolation. At the same time we often squirrel things away as well, stocking piling things, food, belongings, clutter and isolation.

My question to people is always the same, ‘is this the true voice of your soul? Is this your soul voice, or is this your self image/ego speaking?’ It’s always the same there is a somewhat squinty eyed look which comes my way, I smile, take belly breathes so I don’t get involved in the fight, there is enough of the battle in front of me.

As we separate from love, so too we separate from ourselves and often the pain we identify as anger, irritation and frustration is in fact grief, ours. Our soul cries to be whole again, loved together once more held in the vessel she chose for this journey. It makes no sense to our soul self why we cannot fully see her, why we cannot see ourselves and why in fact we continue to separate even more. Why? She cry’s, I’m here? I am here to be seen, please see me, please. Truly we’re beautiful, truly you don’t need to hide behind masks, truly life can be wonderful.

As I spend time with my pride and look into these incredible people I am pained by their pain, it is our pain as I feel you also. I see and feel every whisper of despair, every angry worded arrow head dipped in poisons and fired back into the self; I hear the whimpers of muses no longer heard and the fleshy tears as soul is separated from love, love from us, we from our vessel. Enough brothers and sisters, enough; today if you cannot be kind to you be kind to me and those whom love you. The healing begins now. Draw a line and thank the world for the opportunity to learn through pain, now we learn through joy.

Call yourself home. Call all of you; all of your lost self left behind in battle, in sadness, savaged from yourself, call yourself home. Ask yourself to return to you, what was lost of your soul to come home, what was cut from your heart to be made whole, what was stolen returned. Enjoy a moment for you, in doing so you enjoy a moment for us all.  You might want to meditate on this, move, dance, jump, make love, laugh, eat, clear some space, enjoy a bath, a run, get muddy, play in the garden, wherever you are you, call yourself home.  We come into this world whole, we separate, create lack, drama, problems, issues, the ego/self image grips in and digs deep into us, enough darling ones, enough. Your home, your house, your body is incredible, often we say mind over matter, I say soul over matter. Be you. Beautiful you. All of you.  Magic is in you and so it is.