Fringe Benefits

My Love,

Sometimes hanging out in the fringes of a new place is cool. It’s like when you hear about a great new place near a post code you don’t know so well and you think ‘huh, well other people seem to like it there, I’ll give it a go.’

In the fringe you can kinda dip a toe into the new vibe and tribe without cannon balling your whole way in. Fully clothed. Immersed. Shoes ruined. This has often been my way, I’m knee deep in shit and submerged in the aquatic blue before I’ve even thought about paddles or swimming. I’m all about the experience and busting through limits and fringed lands. However peeking through the fringe allows you to stay dry and generally shit free, you can also keep your shoes u turn ready should you feel the need to walk away, around, do another lap, check out what’s over there.

Here’s the thing in the path of the light worker, we’re often told we need to fully commit, jump right in, let it all go, give up or be gone, change, change, change…for me, that’s way to much. I can’t deal. I have to ease in, peak through, stand and twirl in my new party dress on the outskirts of this postcode I’ve never seen or been before. I need to feel the rhythm, the beat, the flavor, the fervor; I need to check out the colour and the swirl of smoke signals, I need to know I’m safe and I need to give myself permission to hang out till I feel okay, like I want to slink through and enjoy more time and space or do my 180 and sing ‘chow chow’ as I wander to another post code.

Here’s the other thing, our work isn’t about changing, it’s about accepting who we really are. People say to me ‘Gosh you’ve changed so much.’ And I think nope, I’ve welcomed more of who I am into the world. There’s a big difference, sure they both take practice, work if you will, but change can imply there is something wrong with you, acceptance enables us to shift with dignity and grace. FYI you are perfect as you are, inside, your whole heart and soul golden lit with love, is absolutely perfect.

This work we do is about building trust, innovating sparkles and magic, calling in our soul self, calling our families together once more. This last year for me has been about letting go what I think it ought to look like for me and my family and allowing the world to re-introduce me to my kin and so it’s here we start, together to find out how we can this cosmic journey a wee bit simpler, more welcoming, juicy, golden, and beloved.

Are you in? Then let’s begin.