I am Love

My Loves

‘What’s your favourite flower?’ The girl asked.

‘A vintage tea rose,’ Love replied.

‘Blush,’ they said together.

Love smiled.

‘Blush,’ Love whispered. ‘If I were a colour, I’d be blush.’

In this life, Love was a young woman, a traveller, a healer, a singer, a storyteller, a great love, she helped many, she sang words of healing and prayer. She danced, lived, welcomed; her home was always home no matter its make up. 

Rose petals fell from the soles of her feet. Trodden, the perfume spun its way within her, resisting gravity it was, like she, always bound for heaven and skywards it moved, scenting all of her. The smell of rose within her limbs, her bone, the very marrow that which shaped her, perfumed all her cells, her very soul. Love perfumed inside here.

Her body moved her forward through the years, at first she spurned her milky vessel for not being what she thought she needed, but what did she need if not this? This body, this miracle, this gift from heaven, magical, it had grown with her soul, marked its passage of time and like many, was gifted to shape shift. Not shame shift, for too long she had judged herself unworthy of her calling, this place, this time felt at odds with Love, she found it difficult to understand the dark, the separation, the isolation, the choices of pain over and over and over again. Until that is, the sky lit orange as her sister the moon showed her the way. She heard the moon singing, I’m here, I’m here to be seen, perhaps not all at once. I choose when I’m ready, not until I say so, then you will see me, all of me. And see me you do.

Love laughed with the moon in all her milky glory. Round,  Profound. Mischievous. The Moon led the way, she bathed herself in light, she lit the dark skies silver, orange and every colour in between. She shone and why wouldn’t she. After all this was the moon. The moon called forward all truths, all ideas all spaces and places, she called her pride to connect, reflect and be alive. She smiled with Love for now was the time, this date and place, now was the time for Love to shine back to the moon.

Love looked at the moon and said, ‘Is it possible to love farther than this?’

The moon raised an eyebrow, moons can do this, and she asked Love ‘Where is this?’

Love smiled back, shrugged a shoulder, love is good at that, shrugging, ‘This… This is here. Me. Now. It’s also over there. Tomorrow. It’s always.’

‘Is it the right question?’ Wondered the moon, exhaling to glow more fully.

Love wondered too, ‘I don’t think so. The question is How is it possible to not love farther than this? The now, tomorrow, later. Love is infinite, connected through all time and space, gathered in the memories and marrow of everything. It’s timeless, ageless, limitless. It is everything. There is nothing else. I am Love’

The moon, never able to stay still as this was her nature, turned a fraction and beamed light at Love, ‘there you go then,’ said the moon.

And so Love grew, guided by her sister moon, she turned blush, expanded into all the available space and touched the world from within as only she could.

‘What’s your favourite flower?’ The girl asked.

‘A vintage tea rose,’ Love replied.

‘Blush,’ they said together.

Love blushed, all at once coming together and expanding everywhere.

G Love xx