I love you

My loves

Even if I don’t say it, know when I look at you, think of you, close my eyes and remember moments with you I am saying I love you.

I love you my loves, all of you; your hidden parts unseen secrets and learned charms of survival. I love your claw marks and darkness, your light, your journey and your best and worst thoughts. I accept you, no judgment and see you my loves as you are, glittering magical beings of perfection.

I love you my loves, adoringly, achingly, expansively I love you all; I see you from my heart, not my eyes, I hear you in my soul not my ears, I feel you in my marrow not flesh to flesh, I feel you deeper, diving, opening up my heart to your beauty and mischievous choices which widen my smile and faith in you.

I love you my loves and your continued attempt to hide yourself behind overcoats laid heavy upon the idea of who you think you should be, not who you are. When I ask you to reveal yourself to me, the coats come off, the layers unpeel and we see the difference between heavy and light. There is no opposite to love, as Love is Love, is Love.

My loves how I adore your aching discomfort at being seen, when I tell you that you are perfect, how you repel this gift of truth and still I love you, heart broken that you cannot see your truth as I can. You become more beautiful to me as you accept yourself, for it is not for me to tell you what I want for you, it is for me to support what you want for you. It is for you to live, to jump into the wholeness of you and accept all you desire. It’s for all of us my loves to let go what we think it should look like and live what it is, shaped by our imaginations, our truth made real.

Hear me my loves when I say I love you, achingly so. When I fall in love with you a little more it is because I have glimpsed more of you, you have revealed another glorious facet of you and in doing so, I am able to share a little more of me. For this I am grateful, for this I love you again and again, over and over, through time and space for always.

I love you my loves, all of you and my wish for you is to know this. I give you my love and it is yours for all eternity. Our love will never run out, we can never not know it, it is our gift to the world to return to love, loving and being loved everyday.

And so it is.

G Love