Love Letters to Ascend

My darlings

When I work with clients one-on-one it allows me to take a deeper dive into what is holding you back, to understand what stories are shrinking you inside your seedling self. It allows me to connect as a mentor, coach and guide. I concluded a beautiful series of Voice Thief (when we can't speak) to Voice Freedom (when we speak easily) sessions with a client recently and such was the shift within her I was blessed to be able to write these words as a follow up email. I'm sharing them because I felt so deeply moved by what I'd witnessed I want you to be part of being witness to what I feel was a true miracle my loves, so here are some of the words I was blessed to send to my client and friend.

'Your journey will be one of my greatest teachers. From that wrapped up in pain creature who arrived to my home in October, to today, to you, a beautiful expanded alive woman who travelled alone and found a whole new level of love discovering even greater depths of wild soft freedom. 

I am utterly enchanted by your heart.

Remember the pain we experience, the discomfort we spoke of - this is when we turn away from ourselves, from love and when we turn our face and face ourselves again all is revealed. We are revealed. We remember who we are and the rest settles. We no longer have to push through blocks, we can go around them. We are the water.The barriers and blocks show us data, an opportunity to explore an old story or program which doesn't work anymore. So we can remove that old playlist, delete it and replace it for a blinged up higher version. A better program. One which suits you now. The now you. 

Ascension isn't dying, it's rising to meet ourselves and softening so we can come out of hiding and take part of the world. Being of the Earth and being in it.

Such is the path of love and this is the path you walk, able to breathe, love and explore your gentle wild and freedom.'

If you ever wondered why I do what I do, those words above are why. To watch people arrive to me in pain, in confusion, knotted up from their fears and loss and work with them to freedom, full expression of the self and love, that right there is why I coach, mentor, teach, this is where I help. Living ascension is really my work, holding an enormous sacred space for you to move around blocks, dissolve old programs and make way for the now you, not the new you. You are ancient. You are the earth before she began, You are the cosmos wrapped in flesh. You are life itself and what does life do? It gives birth to greatness and you are that greatness

Cultivate your magnificence with me my darlings. Cultivate you. Email me for more details on how to work with me to free you. 

Always Love. Always xx