Letter to me - reminder of today 9th January 2017

I'm choosing today as day one of the rest of this year. Not a single planet in retrograde. I'm only just getting started. I'm feeling safer, stronger, held.

Here's some lines I'm drawing....

To the all the voice thieves and bullies of 2016 and before - goodbye and good luck. You don't shine brighter at my dulling myself, but I let you believe you did by playing along. I understand your fear, but I won't be part of the story anymore. Thank you for the guidance. What do stars do? We shine.

To any trolls (of which there were quite a few) or people who left their footprint on my face whilst they stood on me on the way up the ladder - I saw your pants as you walked over me and they were cheap. Like your moves. This isn't the school yard. We've graduated. I let you step on me and I take responsibility for my part. You'll find me standing on my own two feet much more from now on.

You taught me to turn every cheek until I had none left to turn. You haters are all hereby evicted with immediate notice from my body, head, heart and belly. You taught me to accept more of me and embrace who I am. Thank you. Even my ego says cheers for the material. Even my ego has softened.

To anybody who sat in the shadows and felt better by my sadness. You taught me compassion and forgiveness.

To anyone who feels the cycles repeating - they do repeat and we have to trace the closing door to this. To decide what works for us. To decide what conditions we thrive in. To suspend doubt, anxiety, fear. Just for a minute, a second, a beat.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm marking it because it feels very important. This feeling might last a moment, a day, a lifetime, but I know what it feels like to be in, to be awake, to be grateful and connected. I am living for the moments. The blinks. The steps up and around the mountain.

Thank you to all my teachers in all your forms.

You are building an epic human. The most human of all my forms. And when I return to the cosmic heavens in decades to come, I can high five my cosmic royal family and say good job team, awesome body, amazing family and crew and what a ride.

We've got this. Don't worry about the date, the year. Can we let it simply be now? Right now? Here? Together. Together we soar.

Always with love. xxx