Love Letters for your voice

My loves,

never underestimate how much it takes a voice to emerge or speak. To leave the throat, the body, to be born into words or sounds. We often talk of speaking up, out, roaring and shouting for what we need and want.

I know from experience, my own and my community, that sometimes we are using all our strength to speak and it feels like a barely a whisper exhales from our tongue.

Let me tell you this....your whisper is your roar. So whisper my loves. It starts deep in the belly, body thudding with adrenaline to speak; mind screaming say something. Anything. And you did. A whisper is plenty. It's more than a start. It's a middle. I know what courage it takes to whisper. I know what bravery it takes to form words in the mouth from the mind.

Remember my darlings your whisper is your roar. One day if you want to turn your volume up, you can. Until then, trust your volume, your tones and pitches. Trust your softness. A mumble is as good as a yell when we've been robbed of our voice. So cheers to the mumbles, whispers, croaks and stutters. To the tongue tied and mouth dried. To the shaking and quaking. To the stammers and internal hammers. Your voice is yours. No-one ever gets to say otherwise.

'Kay? No-one.

Always xxx