Love Letters for your mind

My loves, 

Happiness, joy, bliss, that fluttery feeling of possibility are as much part of our brain chemistry as depression, anxiety, grief and sadness. We create all of it and it's important to experience whatever is going on in there fully. It's within our grey matter where all things are potentially possible.

I'm playing with this theory that we're not very trusting of happiness and joy. Somehow we don't think we deserve it or worse it has to be earned. Dues paid etc. My work helps people increase their joy pot if you will, it also helps us investigate the plethora of thoughts, emotions and states we experience every single day. I've come to notice if people are often living with fear, shame or guilt for example it's kinda difficult to imagine the joy pot a wee bit full never mind, half or completely. Am I right?

Sadly we now need as much training to follow our joy voice as we do to unlearn following our fear, shame and the tequila guilt voices. I will say this. It is possible. It is possible to move from anxiety to comfort. From fear to curiosity. From shame to wonder. And from guilt to self acceptance. I'm not saying it's easy, but what adventure is?

I am saying it's possible and for today we could play with following the voice of joy instead of chasing happiness, the ideal, the mental outline of perceived perfection. 'Kay? When we move from curiosity magic happen and I'm pretty sure cats don't die. Just saying

Love. Always. xx