Love Letters to be still

My loves,

This time of year can be crazy. We get wrapped up in all things money, family, stress, expectations and wanting everything to be perfect. How about for today we participate in the best way we can and let the perfection slide?

As your self appointed fairy godmother for this week, I hereby give you permission to do so. If you want to say no thank you to something do so. If there's a deadline you can't make, be honest, negotiate a new one. Let yourself off the hook.

REALLY look after yourself, it's easy to let competition lead you, let your soul truth lead you instead. Take stock of what you are expecting of yourself today. Do you have capacity to do what you think needs to be done? Soften and allow yourself some compassion and kindness. If you're at 35% be there.

It's all good.

Love. Always. xx