Love Letters for trust

My loves, 

Trust yourself. So many of my coaching sessions come to my asking my beloved clients and community - do you trust yourself? I see the root of indecision, the fear of failure, the mental exhaustion, the comparison, the distress, the overwhelm all hidden behind shy eyes hoping to be 'fixed.'

You don't need to be fixed my darlings.

When I ask do you trust yourself, there's often an inhale, the eyes dart, the body visibly tightens and the response breaks me every time. It varies, but essentially the answer is 'no, not really, well maybe a little bit.'

Here is one of our profound symptoms of so many illnesses - a lack of self trust. It eats at confidence, self esteem, renders us unable to make decisions or to move forward. We're stuck in stress and unhappiness, paralysed by the ego's whispers of 'hey kid you could've been a contender, you've got potential...oh well, not for us eh?' The ego grips in and squashes the life out of us when we've forgotten trust.

I remember. I remember not knowing how to breathe or take a step or move. I remember not knowing how I'd ever be better, well in my body, coloured in instead of a transparent outline of me. I grieve for not trusting myself. I grieve for trusting myself and this freedom suggested to me in trust. The movement.

Sometimes we don't even realise we don't trust ourselves, trust me when I say if you explore a wee health check on life today, just today and are safely curious about what is being avoided, or where decisions aren't being realised it is often down to not trusting ourselves. When we are willing, simply willing to start trusting ourselves again, things change.

Will you, just for today my darlings trust yourself 1mm more than yesterday and play with how this feels? Explore what's possible? Explore what you'd love to say no or yes to? Simply explore. No need for mountain climbing today. No need for big leaps. A wee one will do. One so tiny no one would notice, but over time you will my darlings. You will.

Love. Always. xx