Love Letters to doodle

My loves, 

Draw your dreams. In 2015 I was working on my first book proposal and sitting under a tree in Central Park chilling in gloriously hot weather and (oddly) I had thrown a pair of smart shorts in my suitcase for the vacation - just in case! The weather was glorious. 

I turned the page of my notebook and found a doodle of me sitting under a tree with a note about my finishing the book!

Blew. My. Mind.

There's a lot to be said for vision boards, intentions, aims and doodles, the major part being we have to also take the steps. Do the work and be open to where the signs lead us. Draw your future and when you're sitting under a tree you sketched a year earlier you too can experience the feeling of the divine plan coming together because it's always there. Our job is to lift our own veils and fly my loves. Let's all get doodling this week.

Love. Always. xx