Love Letter to bridge you

My loves

It was my birthday on Saturday. I woke up to being a cool 39 years of age and am in awe of it. I never thought I'd make it beyond 18, I've doubled my own life expectancy. Feels powerful.

I also woke up in 42 Acres, the home of our second Blush Love Retreat If you'd also told me at 18 I'd design and produce incredible retreats (if I do say so myself) I wouldn't have believed you either. It's made all the more easy with my work wife Kate Taylor once you have an accountability buddy the game changes.

Regarding my years so far...

Am I where I thought I'd be? It's better

Would I change anything? Some pain for sure. Some endings maybe. In truth - nothing at all. 

What have I learned? So, so much. I always share my learnings with you my loves. 

I met this word again - LIMINAL.

It means to transform, or to be in the initial stages of transformation. Occupying both sides of a boundary or threshold. As if we are both the bridge and crossing the bridge. 

Which bridges are you crossing today?

Love. Always. xx