Love Letters to Blush Love

My loves, 

I'm just vibing on some Blush Love Retreat here. Did you know we have dates for October this year in Portugal? May was amazing. We spent a weekend at 42 Acres in Somerset. Dreamy.

Our retreats include Kundalini, Qoya, Quantum Meditation, Ritual and more.  And of course Love.

Love has no opposite. She's intelligent, divine and wise beyond worlds. Love doesn't hurt us it's the shit we wrap it in which causes us pain. Get control of the trapping stories and everything changes. I work with so many people who have forgotten their own heart, their inner wise person and their clarity of voice. I'm on a mission to see how many hearts I can heal and how many peeps I can help remember to love themselves.

It's a joy to be a heart healer. It's not without its pain or pause points, but it's always worth it. Thank you to everyone who lands in my life and sits down beside me for this crazy ride.

Love. Always xx