Love Letters for your heart

My loves, 

Do we know who you are?

Do you know yourself?

Have you shown us you, your essence, your very being?

Are you stripped of all the old stories?

Your jelly (not necessarily the Destiny's child version!), but you know your sweetness, kindness, gentleness, the soft centre of you. Have you shown yourself?

Vibes are moving up, down and around at the moment. Come home to yourself. Reveal you.

A quick and simple earthing meditation for you today. Place your left, then Right hand on top of your chest space (sitting up or even lying in bed), close your eyes and breathe. Repeat the following - I am here to be seen, it is safe for me to be seen. Do this for a few minutes today and everyday and let me know how you get on. You've got this.

Love. Always. xx