Love Letters to soften

My loves, 

Soft strength is incredibly powerful. Soft strength is knowing who you are and your purpose. Nature never asks its purpose. The rose never asks what it's supposed to do. She doesn't grit her teeth and push and push forcing herself to open.

She softens, unfurls, takes her time. Opens when she's ready. She's the opposite of chasing an orgasm, you know? She's not clenching and praying for release. She's dancing and knowing she'll bloom. All she wants to do is blossom. Multiple orgasms. Right?

There's so much medicine in this. For our lives, bodies, desire, relationships, purpose, contentment, connection, wants and hopes. One of my 2017 mantras continues to be 'soften to blossom'. To explore all my layers and enjoy what happens when I don't push. To accept, acknowledge and celebrate right here and now. I'm not chasing a goddess darn thing. You feel me? Soften to blossom.

Love. Always. xx