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Welcome to online meditation with me, Gail Love Schock. We will gather every week for one hour to support whatever stage of meditation you are at. This is suitable for beginners and old timers.

You'll learn...

How to sit comfortably. Never underestimate the distracting nature of pins and needles or a sleeping leg. One key to successful meditation is knowing how to sit. Once you've got this sussed, you'll be able to sit for up to thirty minutes without jiggling.

Breathing skills to calm the internal chatter, helpful in all life areas.

 Different meditation techniques. I'll share a smorgasbord of meditation flavours and you can choose your favourite combo to practice anywhere, anytime.

Please Note, meditation has been known to make people smile, sort out their bullshit and live a very happy and healthy life.

Meditation is also great for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and exhaustion and helping you connect into your inner wisdom.

Join me from anywhere in the world and let's go on a journey together. If you can't make the class in person don't fear my love an audio recording will be sent out after for you to listen in!

Need To Know Info

2018 Dates TBA