Ahhh Gail, it was truly such a magical evening. Thank you for what you do. I’m still filled up by it. Wow. People floated out of that room
— Project Love - How to Be True to Yourself in a Modern World Jan 2017 Gig
Last night was the perfect start to the week... listened to @gail_loveschock riff wise words on being true to ourselves, it was a powerful evening.
— Rebecca Taylor - Photographer - How to Be True to Yourself in a Modern World Jan 2017 Gig
I just wanted to say a big thank you for last night. It was truly beautiful and really powerful.
— Saphia Haddouche - Editor INSPIRE By Psycle - How to Be True to Yourself in a Modern World Jan 2017 Gig
What an absolutely beautiful night. How divine to be involved in such grace with so many beautiful souls! You are totally a magic creator.
— Berry Nadine - Life Coach
I took what I gained from our sessions into the world and made it my living reality. Our sessions have changed my life.
— Voice Thief to Voice Freedom Client (five sessions)
It’s great working with you! It’s such a pleasure when we work with someone like you who knows what they want to say and can deliver it eloquently and to time!
— Chris Bezant Director Localbuzz Media Network Ltd
She has a raw energy, a Queen like vibe and can see what you are truly capable of.
— Creative Producer, UAE
This woman is an utter lighthouse, with such clarity, potency, vision and humour alongside it that I have to say you owe it to yourself to go to one of her talks! #truthbombing all over the place
— Urban Yoga Monkey
She is a lioness of leadership
— Link West
Gail is gifted in creating a sacred space with her gentle, powerful and welcoming energy. She invites you to meet your heart and yourself, fully, without apology, and supports you to embrace yourself exactly as you are in this moment. She’s a gift that keeps on giving, I can’t recommend her enough!
— Shonali Sashikant, Change Maven, Energy Revolutionary
Schock is a true professional with unparalleled vision and drive, a league of her own.
— Sky's Got To Dance Champion - Lukas McFarlane
#BeingHappiness was a fantastic night - all power to you Lioness. It was just amazing.
— Caroline Hurley, Creative Director Quintessentially Events
Gail perfectly balances positivity, pragmatism and action. She is a joy to work with; rarely fazed and she has an infectious enthusiasm for life.
— Jon Stanley, Head of PR, Events and Sponsorship VERTU
You (Gail) are a sorceress. #BeingHappiness was pure magic.
— Dani Meehan, Actor
Her words opened my eyes to the possibility of change and what I can do for myself.
— L. Cox, Freelance Journalist
Meet Gail so she can sprinkle her fairy godmother magic onto you too.
— Katie Truslove Founder T Love Dance
The universe brought me and Gail together because she was exactly what I needed when going through a real transitional phase in my life and career. She allowed me to grow confident in who I really am and helped me unravel some emotional and physical issues. I now feel that I am more in tune with my intuition than ever before and have had the courage to change career and be true to myself and above all... I’ve fallen back in love with me!
— Lauren Barber, Nutritional Health Coach & Creator of Beautiful Food
I was introduced to Gail by a mutual friend because I was at a point in my career where I needed a kick up the bum; and rightly so that Gail was the one to do just that. Gail really didn’t take any s**t – no excuses, no feeling sorry for myself, no thinking or waiting for it to happen, just get out there and do, do, do. She really is the fairy godmother that any business/ entrepreneur/ creative go-getter / dreamer needs because we all need a cold hard reality check sometimes and to face up to those inner demons that we ALL have. Thanks Gail, you are a superstar – a unicorn superstar.
— Ellie Stickland Founder & Creative Director of Eladore

Cosmic vibes around @SchockG tonight at her #BeingHappiness.
— #HigherSelfie
With her trademark magic and poise, Gail expertly facilitated and delivered a powerful session with The Voice Thief Workshop on how we can give ourselves the tools and the space to let our heart song flourish once again after life’s challenges have diminished it. I found it a highly valuable, therapeutic and illuminating process.
— Huw Mathias Lighwork Creative
Gail is G Love personified - a galactic, grandiose Goddess of love who will get down & dirty with your depths, so you can uncover the layers & find your own Great love buried within.
— Kdot - Social Media Angel